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HttpWatch Namespace / Plugin Class / IsLoadingPage Property

In This Topic
    IsLoadingPage Property
    In This Topic
    Returns a boolean value indicating whether the browser is still loading the current page.
    Public ReadOnly Property IsLoadingPage As Boolean
    public bool IsLoadingPage {get;}

    You would normally use the Controller object's Wait or WaitEx methods to wait for a page to be loading. This property may be useful if you wanted to implement your own waiting function.

    The IsLoadingPage property is the equivalent of calling the IsloadingPageEx method with the following parameters:


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    // Calling IsLoadingPageEx with waitForPageLoadEvent set to true
    // and a 5 second value for httpIdleSecs
    isLoading = controller.IsLoadingPageEx( true, false, 5);
    // Is the equivalent to using IsLoadingPage
    isLoading = controller.IsLoadingPage;
    IsLoadingPage can only be used if Record has been called on the Plugin object.
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