HttpWatch Automation Reference - Version 13.x
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    Page Class Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by Page.

    Public Properties
    Public PropertyGets or sets a descriptive string for the page. Its value is displayed in the HttpWatch Comment tab.  
    Public PropertyA boolean value that indicates whether this page was a dynamic update to an existing web page (e.g. modified by AJAX or Javascript) or a conventional page load.  
    Public PropertyReturns an Entries object that contains a list of all the HTTP requests associated with this page.  
    Public PropertyGets a object containing information about the page level events that were detected during the loading of the page.  
    Public PropertyReturns a boolean value that indicates whether access to extended HTTP information (e.g. page events and timing summaries) has been restricted by HttpWatch Basic Edition.  
    Public PropertyReturns a string containing the time when the loading of this page was started, as an offset from the start of the log.  
    Public PropertyGets the full date and time at which the loading of this page was started.  
    Public PropertyGets the time when the loading of this page was started, as an offset in seconds from the time that the log was started.  
    Public PropertyThe title of the web page being loaded.  
    Public PropertyA boolean value that indicates whether this page contains a single HTTP request that was not directly associated with a window or tab in the browser, e.g. a request to download an icon for a bookmark or location bar.  
    Public Property

    This property contains the URL of the document loaded in the browser. It may contain fragments - unlike URLs that are transmitted over the network.

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