HttpWatch Automation Reference - Version 13.x
HttpWatch Namespace / Edge Class / HttpWatchCRXFile Property

In This Topic
    HttpWatchCRXFile Property (Edge)
    In This Topic
    Public ReadOnly Property HttpWatchCRXFile As String
    public string HttpWatchCRXFile {get;}

    This property contains the full file name of the location of the HttpWatch Edge Extension (CRX) file (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\HttpWatch\HttpWatchForEdge.crx)

    The CRX file location is required when automating Edge with Selenium to ensure that the HttpWatch extension is loaded.

    HttpWatchCRXFile  property
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    using Microsoft.Edge.SeleniumTools;
    using HttpWatch;
    // Make sure the HttpWatch extension is enabled in the Selenium Edge session by referencing the CRX file
    // e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\HttpWatch\HttpWatchForEdge.crx
    // The HttpWatchCRXFile property returns the installed location of the CRX file
    var options = new EdgeOptions();
    // Start the Edge browser session and supply the name of the directory in which you installed
    // msedgedriver.exe from
    var driver = new EdgeDriver(@"C:\edgedriver_win64", options);
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