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Using HttpWatch Automation with Ruby / Ruby - Saving a Log File
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    Ruby - Saving a Log File
    In This Topic

    This topic also assumes that you have recorded some traffic in the current log, as described in Recording with HttpWatch. If you have not already done so, you should stop the recording process, by calling the Plugin object's Stop method.

    Saving the current log is simply a matter of calling the Log object's Save method. This takes one parameter, a string containing the full path and filename under which you want to store the file:


    Save an HttpWatch Log (.hwl) file
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    The log file can be reloaded manually by double clicking on it in HttpWatch Studio or through the automation interface. See Opening a Log File.

    Saving the log to a file does not clear the contents of the Log object. It can be cleared after saving it (or at any other time) you use the Plugin object's Clear method.

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