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    C# - Using Collection Classes
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    Classes Containing A Variable Length Lists Of Objects

    In many cases, the information collected by HttpWatch consists of collections of items (Pages, Entries, etc.) In these cases, the automation library provides a collection class for each type of item. These collection classes and the types they contain are as follows:

    Accessing the Contents of a Collection Class

    All the collection classes listed above have the following two properties:

    • The Count property, which returns the number of objects in the collection
    • The Item property, which access an individual member of the collection

    In C#, the implementation of the Item property allows individual members of the collection to be accessed in two ways:


    For example, the following code fragment steps through the Log object's Entries collection and prints out the URL for each Entry:


    Using foreach with Collection Classes
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    // Loop through each Entry object in the Entries collection
    foreach( HttpWatch.Entry entry in log.Entries )
        // Prints the URL of each entry recorded
        Console.WriteLine( entry.URL );


    And the following example uses the indexing operator to retrieve the first Entry in the Log object's Entries collection:


    Accessing Collection Members by Index
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    // Prints the URL of the first entry recorded
    Console.WriteLine( log.Entries[0].URL );


    It is of course possible to use the index operator notation in a C# for statement, instead of using a foreach loop.


    Some classes such as Timings and PageEvents do not hold a variable length list of objects. Instead these classes contain a fixed set of named objects. For example, the Timings class has nine properties that return Timing objects representing timings such as the DNS Lookup and Connect timings.


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