HttpWatch Automation Reference - Version 11.x
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    Controller Class Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by Controller.

    Public Properties
    Public PropertyNo longer available in HttpWatch version 11 and later. Attempting to access the property will result in an error.  
    Public PropertyGets a reference to an IE object that can be used to get or create a reference to a Plugin object when using Internet Explorer.  
    Public PropertyA boolean value that indicates whether HttpWatch Basic Edition is being used.  
    Public PropertyGets a string that indicates the version of HttpWatch being used, e.g. "7.0.13"  
    Public Methods
    Public Method  
    Public MethodAllows existing .HWL and .HAR log files to be opened and examined.  
    Public MethodWaits for a page to be fully loaded in the browser instance that contains the specified plug-in.  
    Public MethodThis method provides a finer level of control than the Wait method as it will wait for a page to reach a given state.  
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